H11 - Hydro Meter with pulse inputs, GSM/GPRS or NB-IoT

Hydro Meter H11  Smart Metering pro odečty vodoměrů

Brief description

Hydro Meter H11 is a wireless GSM module for remote meter readings (water meters, electricity meters, gas meters), ie. smart metering. It allows operators to have a permanent overview of current consumption at individual consumption points and to monitor emergencies in near real time.

Characteristic properties

  • Can be used with any pulse water meter
  • Backflow indication and indication of sensor disconnection from the water meter
  • Daily interval readings
  • Emergency detection and recording
  • Data transfers adjustable in intervals: daily, weekly, monthly
  • GPRS with automatic carrier selection
  • Local NFC communication (phone, tablet)
  • Mechanically resistant design, high IP67 protection, non-corrosive materials, self-diagnostic functions
  • Maintenance-free operation without battery replacement for the life of the water meter

Basic functions

You can monitor the status of the meter and some emergencies such as:

  • Backflow detection
  • Exceeding the maximum flow value
  • Exceeding the daily set limit
  • Night minimum exceeded
  • Separate consumption counters for tariffs
  • Detection of disconnection of the module from the sensor
  • Detection of disconnection of the power supply battery
  • Low voltage detection of the power supply battery

The current counter status is read at least once a day. The frequency of data transmissions can be configured at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. Extraordinary events are sent as a matter of priority - immediately after they are detected.


Settings and readings can be made locally or remotely. You can communicate locally with the device contactlessly using a mobile phone or tablet. There is no need to connect with a communication cable, it is enough to attach a portable device equipped with NFC wireless communication technology.

Remote communication is realized by GPRS technology and is performed automatically according to the settings of the module parameters or it can also be initiated locally by a command via NFC. The device automatically logs on to the network of the operator with the strongest signal at the place of installation of the module, including foreign operators, while maintaining the same operating costs for the transmitted data. This feature can be used advantageously, for example, in border areas or in the event of a failure of one of the available networks.

The device is without a classic SIM card. This has resulted in higher reliability and integration of the device, which can be quickly installed without the administration associated with procuring a suitable SIM card.

Mechanical design

Hydro Meter H11 is designed with regard to compact dimensions and long-term durability when operating in extremely humid environments. The protection meets the IP67 standard. The body of the device is made of chemically stable plastic and the holder is made of stainless steel. The construction is made so that the device can work reliably and unattended for at least the life of the meter - ie. 6 to 10 years.

 Hydro Meter H11  Smart Metering pro odečty vodoměrů

The H11 is powered by a high-capacity lithium battery, which under optimal conditions allows to realize thousands of data transmissions via the GSM network. The device is optimized for the weekly interval of transmission of daily counters, during which it lasts more than 6 years.


For the deployment of the H11 module at the site, it is assumed that the meter will be installed and the meter will be equipped with a sensor with a pulse output. Hydro meter H11 is then connected to the sensor by a cable, four wires, which have functions depending on the selected type of sensor:

  • Input IN1 (white) is used for pulse input
  • The GND (brown) is used as a common ground
  • Input IN2 (yellow) has a function of backflow detection or backflow pulse input, depending on the selected sensor type.
  • Input IN3 (green) is used to signal a cable break or alarm in the pulse sensor.

Color marking corresponds to common types of water meter pulse sensors (SENSUS, ITRON, ...)

A cable with a length of 3 meters is included in the delivery. On the one hand, the cable is firmly connected to H11. The other end is free for connection to the sensor. For larger orders, it is possible to order the connection of the Hydro meter H11 with the sensor directly in the factory.

Follow-up services

By default, data from the device is published through a unified portal for data visualization and management operated by the device manufacturer. It is a graphical superstructure for administration and supervision, which is suitable for users of administration and maintenance of a smart metering network.

Optionally, a comprehensive data visualization service can be offered to the operator's end customers, which can be tailored to individual needs - such as daily, monthly and annual subscription reports, forecasts, emergency alerts via e-mail or SMS. The basic variant of data publication is the creation of web services for integration with the customer's information system.

Technical parameters


Hydro Meter H11  Smart Metering pro odečty vodoměrů

Common characteristics of inputs: voltage-free contact or OK, Rmax <1k, U = 3V3, active level = L

Inputs NI1, IN2: max 100 p / sec (frequency> 25 p / sec shortens battery life)

Input IN3: alarm signaling with recording of start and end in the device memory

Meter connection: PUR cable 4x 0.15; length 3 m, without connector

Flow registration: separate counter states for normal and return flow

Counter status storage: adjustable in the interval 1 hour to 1 month (default 1x / day at 00:00)

Counter size: 64 bits (> 1.8 * 1016 m3), resolution 1 liter

Type of local communication: NFC - reading current values, command to send GSM data, ..

Remote communication: built-in GSM / GPRS module, adjustable frequency 1x day .. 1x month

GSM antenna: external - included, SMA connector

Extraordinary transmissions: possibility of GSM transmission after event detection

Self-diagnostics: battery voltage, GSM field strength, total time of switching on the GSM modem

Power battery: primary lithium battery 3.6 V / 13 Ah, connected cable with connector

Battery life: up to 10 years depending on the frequency and volume of GSM transmissions, pulse frequency

Dimensions: diameter 59 mm, height 90 mm (without holder and GSM antenna)

Material: TECAFORM (POM) and stainless steel (holder)

Weight: 350 g (including battery and GSM antenna)

Protection: IP67

Price list