Modules for expanding the number of RS485 bus terminals for telemetry stations and data loggers. Expanders are used in those cases where it is necessary to connect a large number of sensors and sensors to one RS485 bus.

Expander EXSV/DIN-RS485

Quadruple terminal expander for DIN rail installation. This expander is commonly used for C8, H3, H7, Q2 or E2 stations.

Expander RS485

Dimensions EXSV/DIN-RS485 (W x H x D): 35 x 89 x 34 mm

Expander EXSV/DIN/K-RS485

On request, the RS485 expander can be supplied with a 6-core cable connected to the individual terminals connected in parallel. When ordering, it is possible to specify the length of this connecting cable (without specification, I supply a connecting cable with a length of 30 cm).


Expander EXSV/K-RS485

Small RS485 double expander for use in ARIA32 and similar enclosures that do not contain an installation DIN rail.

The expander contains a fixed 4-core cable with a length of 30 cm.

Modul pro rozšíření počtu svorek sběrnice RS485

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