Flow meters for open channels

Telemetrická stanice H7 FIEDLER, GPRS datalogger, záznamová a řídící jednotka

Universal multi-channel measuring and recording unit for data acquisition and control

  • Up to 96 measuring analog and 208 binary channels with recording
  • 4 channels reserved for flow measurement in open profiles
  • Built-in GSM / GPRS module, automatic data transfer to the database on the server
  • Unit control and above-standard functions

Four-channel evaluation unit for measuring flow and flowed volumes

  • Inputs for connection of ultrasonic, radar or hydrostatic level meters
  • Preset consumption equations for common measuring troughs and overflows
  • The device allows the measurement of up to 4 mutually independent flows
  • GSM / GPRS built-in communication module (Q2-G) for automatic data transfer to the server

Battery and mains flow meter with level sensor and speed probe

  • High measuring range up to 6 m/s in both directions
  • Design for installation on the bottom of the sewer and in pipes
  • Calculation of instantaneous flow and flowed volume in the Q2 / KDO unit
  • Recording and automatic data transfers to a server on the Internet

Single-channel unit designed for flow measurement in an open channel

  • Input for connection of one ultrasonic or strain gauge level sensor
  • Optional archiving interval from 1 min to 1440 minutes
  • Daily flow volumes can be shown on the display
  • Low cost
člunkový průtokoměr PF500

Measurement of flowed volume without building a specific overflow

  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Shuttle volume 500 ml
  • Flip detection by short closing of the relay contact
  • The shuttle can be connected to all telemetry stations and recording units with pulse input

Parshall measuring flumess for flow measurement in open profile

  • Different sizes of gutters from P1 to P9 (maximum from 6 l/s to 1.3 m3/s)
  • Preset consumption equations in all FIEDLER AMS flowmeters
  • Lightweight and yet robust design of the gutter made of PP
  • Delivery of the gutter to the installation site
Measuring spillways for measuring instantaneous flow and flowed volumes
  • Thomson measuring spillways with a triangular cross section
  • Trapezoidal Cipoletti measuring spillways
  • Compound measuring spillways for a larger dynamic measuring range
  • We offer delivery of measuring spillways, including installation