Meteorological stations and measuring sensors

SR03 Rain gauge of 500cm2
  • Shuttle rain gauges with a sensitivity of 0.1 and 0.2 mm precipitation / pulse
  • Two basic sizes of rain gauges with collecting areas of 200 cm2 and 500 cm2
  • Heated version rain gauges for a year-round operation
  • Rain gauges accessories (stands, bird barriers, ...)
Snímače teploty

Pt100 sensors, radiation shields and precision temperature/RS485 transducers

  • Sensors and transducers for measuring air, water and soil temperature (1..6 sensors)
  • Highly accurate sensors with a resolution of up to 0.01 °C
  • Radiation shields for measuring air temperature
  • Heat flow sensors

Pyranometers and NET radiometers, including signal to RS485 converter

  • Reliable and accurate devices from Kipp & Zonen
  • We also offer cheaper domestic pyranometers from the Tlusťák company
  • We offer an accurate 6-channel converter of voltage signals to RS485 for the devices
  • The delivery also includes the manufacturer's calibration sheet
relative humidity and temperature RVT13

Several types of relative humidity and air temperature sensors, radiation shields

  • Probes for highly accurate measurement of temperature and humidity
  • Radiation covers for all offered sensors
  • Output digital signal on the RS485 bus under FINET and Modbus RTU protocols
  • Easy connection to data loggers and recording units using M12 cables
Anemometr WS103 a směrovka WD360 měření rychlosti a směru větru
Wind direction and speed sensors in classic rotary and ultrasonic design
  • Separate precision sensors in a robust all-metal design
  • Very low current consumption for battery-powered systems for selected sensor types
  • Anemometer with continuous monitoring of wind gusts directly in the device
  • Devices with digital (RS485), pulse, frequency and voltage output.
Snímač půdní vlhkosti: VIRRIB

Affordable sensors for measuring volumetric soil moisture and soil pressures

  • Volume soil moisture sensor in two mechanical versions
  • Soil suction pressure sensor including 4-channel measuring unit with RS485 bus
  • Wide measuring range from negative pressure -65 kPa to flooding 3 m above sea level
  • Compatible of all sensors with FIEDLER telemetry stations and dataloggers
Poledník Weather station

Professional meteorological stations and floating water meter stations

  • Variable assemblies tailored to the requirements and capabilities of the user
  • Automatic transfer of measured data to the server via GPRS network
  • Wide range of professional sensors and transducers
  • Special measuring sets for research institutes and universities
měření výparu

Stationary and floating vapor meters with automatic data recording

  • Automatic make-up of evaporated water and pumping of excess rainwater
  • Measurement of evaporation and precipitation with data transfer to the database on the server
  • Possibility of measuring many other meteorological variables
  • Robust mechanical design