Communication signal converters and communication cables

Převodník USB-RS485

Reliable USB-RS485 converter for connection of sensors, probes and transducers with RS485 interface - FINET and MODBUS RTU protocols - to PC (notebook) via USB port under MOST program

Převodník USB-RS232

Reliable USB-RS232 converter for connection of telemetry units and dataloggers with RS232 interface to PC (notebook) via USB port under MOST program

Komunikační kabel KP232/M12

Cable with M12 connector for connecting the STELA station via the RS232 interface

Cable with M8 connector for connecting H1, H2 and MINILOG devices via RS232 interface.

Cable with USB connectors for connecting devices H3, H7, Q2, E2 and C8

Komunikační kabel KP232/232
Cable for connecting devices to a computer via the RS232 serial interface.
MEK1 External communication module of RS-232 / MODBUS_RTU
  • Intelligent RS485 / RS232 converter
  • MODBUS_RTU protocol on the RS232 line
  • Other protocols on request
  • 35 mm DIN Mounting Rail Enclosure