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Manual Hydro-Logger H1, H2

Verze 1.03

Small telemetry station for the water industry.

Manual H3, H7, E2, Q2

Verze 1.18

Telemetry station, control unit, flow meter

Manual H40-E

Verze 1.01

Small telemetry station - GPRS Datalogger.

Manual H520

Versiob 1.05

Level gauge for well or sump

Manual H531

verze V1.03

Level gauge for wells, sumps and tanks with the possibility of transferring measured data to a server in the Internet via GSM network.

Manual STELA-3

Verze 1.03

Small telemetric station - GPRS datalogger

User guide M4016-G (-L, -A)

Registration and control unit, Telemetric station, Flow meter, ...

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Datasheet - Devices for water service

M4016 - Measurement of flows and levels, controlling of technology of water treatement plants, pumping stations and water storage tanks

Datasheet AIM600, AIM615

External measuring modules for conversion of up to 6 analog signals 4 (0) -20 mA to digital bus RS485 (Modbus RTU or Finet protocols)

Datasheet ATM11

Precise sensor of atmospheric air pressure and temperature, altimeter (resolution 20 cm), RS485 output (FINET, Modbus RTU)

Process Controller C8

Unit for technological process control, telemetry and data collection

Datasheet Čerpací zkoušky

Set for automatic performance of pumping tests with transmission of measured data to the Internet

CloudFM portal

Management of telemetry devices and data visualization

Datasheet Process Controller E2

Calibration and control unit for electrochemical and optical sensors of water quality parameters

Datasheet ELM1

converter for electro meter readings

Datasheet ESKO12 V2

Optical probe of dissolved oxygen and water temperature

Datasheet H1-V2

Small telemetry station for water applications

Datasheet Hydro Meter H11

Smart Metering module for remote meter readings

Hydro Meter H12-G (-N)

Smart metering module for wireless water meter readings

Datasheet H500

Level meter with light signaling for tanks and fire trucks

Datasheet H520

Level meter for wells, boreholes and rainwater and wastewater tanks

Lewel Meters H531, H531-G

level measurement in wells, boreholes and retention tanks

Datasheet Hydro Controller H7

Multichannel measuring and control recording unit, telemetry station for general use

Datasheet Hydro Logger H1

Small telemetric station for water supply applications

Datasheet Hydro-Logger H40-TSH22

Water level and temperature monitoring


Ion selective probes with RS485 / Modbus RTU output

Datasheet M2001-EK (-EP, ER)

Sets for measurement of absorbed oxygen, pH and ORP

Datasheet M4016-G, (-A, -L)

Universal Registration and Control unit

Datasheet MINILOG

Datalogger for measuring soil temperatures and humidity

Datasheet Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring - Water meter and meteorological stations, data transfers into the Internet


Galvanically isolated pulse signal splitter

Datasheet ORP485

Redox probes with digital output RS485 / Modbus RTU

Datasheet Backup sources PB35, PB70

Backup power sources for GSM communication modules

Datasheet Shuttle flow meter PF500

Tilting flow meter for small flow rates up to 5 l / min with pulse output

Datasheet PH485

pH probe with digital output RS485 / Modbus RTU

Datasheet Pt100-XM

Stainless steel temperature sensor with Pt100 sensor of accuracy class A

Datasheet Flow Meter Q2

Evaluation two-channel unit for flow measurement in open profiles

Datasheet Q2/KDO

Flow meter with measuring the speed of water flow by Doppler method

Datasheet RDH11 - rain detector

Heated rain detector with binary and digital data output (RS485 - FINET, Modbus RTU)

Datasheet RG-11

Optical rain gauge - rain intensity detector

Datasheet RK5, RK7

Radiation covers for outdoor measurement of temperature and humidity, 5 or 7 lamellas, stainless steel holder included

Datasheet RVT12, RVT13

Sensors for very accurate measurement of relative humidity and air temperature (error <0.8% RH; 0.1 ° C)

Datasheet RVT80, RVT81

Relative humidity and air temperature sensors, radiation cover, RS485 output (FINET, Modbus RTU)

Datasheet STELA-1

Small telemetric station - GSM data logger

Datasheet Telemetry

Data transfer and processing from M4016, STELA and Hydro-Logger H1

Datasheet TEP06

High-precision converter for connection of up to 6 Pt100 sensors, IPI protection or terminals, RS485 output (FINET, Modbus RTU)

Datasheet converter TEP06/P

Measuring transducer for connection of pyranometers, pyrgeometers and Net Radiometer CNR 4

Datasheet TEP1

Precise air, water or surface temperature sensor with RS485 output (FINET, Modbus RTU)

Datasheet TSH22

Pressure immersion sensor for water level and temperature, diameter 22 mm, RS485 output (FINET, Modbus RTU)

Datasheet TSH37

Pressure immersion sensor for water level and temperature, diameter 27 mm, RS485 output (Modbus RTU)

Datasheet USX200

Ultrasonic level sensor with low current consumption and fast response suitable for battery-powered flow meters and level meters

Datasheet Warning System

Water meter and gauge stations for a flood warning system

Datasheet Anemometer WS103

Rotary sensor of wind speed and gusts, very low current consumption for battery-powered systems

DCR-12V100W Datasheet
DRC-12V10W1AZ Datasheet
DRC-12V30W1AZ Datasheet
DRC-12V60W1AZ Datasheet
DRC-24V100W1AZ Datasheet
DRC-24V10W1AZ Datasheet
DRC-24V60W1AZ Datasheet
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