AC power supplies and battery chargers

Mains power supplies with output voltage of 12 VDC and 13.8 VDC

  • 12 V power supplies for powering small level meters and data loggers
  • 13.8 V power supplies for powering telemetry stations with a battery
  • High operational reliability
  • DIN rail mounting and socket adapters

Mains power supplies with 24 V DC output voltage

  • High operational reliability (MTBD> 500,000 hours)
  • Double output power terminals, mounting on DIN rail 35mm
  • Sources suitable for stations type C8, H3, H7, Q2, E2 with connection board TB2
  • Power supply for industrial control units and PLC
12V battery charger

Lead-acid 12 V and Li-FePO4 battery chargers

  • Chargers suitable for maintenance-free gel batteries
  • Possibility of continuous charging without disconnecting the battery
  • Automatic recovery mode for heavily discharged batteries
  • Switching to maintenance mode after charging the battery