Level gauges for wells, boreholes and reservoirs

Level meter with bargraph and LED display for clear display of level height

  • Level sensor and display unit assembly powered from an external source
  • LED display for displaying the measured value in meters and in% of the set range
  • Possibility to control pump, acoustic or light alarm by means of an external relay
  • Professional solution at a low price
H531 level meter for wells, reservoirs and tanks

Battery-powered level meter with the possibility of transmitting data to the Internet

  • Graphic LCD display with measured level history
  • Possibility to control pump, solenoid valve or audible alarm via external relay
  • Level meter H531-G equipped with GSM / GPRS communication module
  • Low annual fees for SIM operation and data hosting services



Hladinoměr H500 pro hasičské vozy
Level meter with two signaling LED panels for tanks and fire trucks
  • Applicable for any types of tanks
  • Display of absolute and percentage volume of water to tank volume
  • Display of the time remaining until the tank is emptied or filled
  • Possibility of adding an external display to the driver's cab
H40 - GSM/GPRS data logger, level meter

Small Datalogger IP67 for water supply and environmental monitoring

  • Stainless steel design with a diameter of only 40 mm, installation even in narrow boreholes
  • Transmission of measured data to the server via a built-in GSM / GPRS module
  • Very low current consumption for long-term monitoring of places without external power supply
  • Low purchase price and operating costs, delivery possible including M2M SIM card.