Compatibility with Czech Hydro Meteorological Institute (CHMI) and Povodí Company stations

hydrometric station CHMI We have been installing our hydrometric stations M4016-G3 for CHMI and Povodí Company for several years.We have already installed more than 250 stations which are heavily tested during the flood. When measured values reach limited levels, stations send warning SMS messages on phone numbers which are saved in each station. Furthermore, measured data of water-level, water-temperature and so on are transferred into the central control in 30 minutes intervals which are automatically shortened during the flood.

limnigraph, measurement of water level and flow


Cities and villages buy warning stations for a local flood protection warning system mostly from their own financial resources. Compatibility of our stations with hydrometric stations of CHMI and Povodí Company sometimes leads into a cooperation of cities with CHMI and Povodí Company. For example, CHMI or Povodí Company inserts its SIM card into the station which owner is the village. Then, the organisation assumes all operating expenses of the warning station and data from the station are accessible on the server for both - the village and organisations.