Measurement of waste water flow

Parshall flumes, flow measurement, ultrasonic water level sensors The telemetric station M4016 also can be an eight-channel flow-meter. Water-flow of outflow and inflow in WWTP and rainwater tanks is the most often measured value in practice. Water level is rarely measured in WWTP and is measured by an ultrasonic sensor.

The amount of purified water is in most cases calculated by rating curves from water level in the hydrometric profile (usually it is Parshall flumes). Ultrasonic sensor is used for measurement of water level.

Our company supplies an ultrasonic sensor US1200 which is suitable for all measurement within the range 0 and 1, 2 meters. The unit M4016 and US1200 comunicate via the serial interface RS485 under the protocol FINET. The distance between the unit and sensor can be up to 500m. The connecting cable charges the sensor from the unit accumulator.

Units M4016 has preprogrammed rating curves for nine most used size of Parshall flume and  for sharp crested weirs.

Measured instantaneous flows are archived in the unit M4016-G3 and the total flow is continuously calculated. Then, all values are transferred into the server database (throughout build-in GSM/GPRS).

The basic server functions are graphs and charts generating, data exports from the server into own PC, calculating of average flow, printing of charts, etc.

Measurement of waste water flowMeasurement of waste water flow