Local control of pumping stations

We developed a control unit M4016-CS3 which is designed for controlling, changing and control of water pumps stand-in. This budged-priced unit appears from the station M4016-CS3 and contains all its functions except calculation and archiving of flow-rates.

The station M4016-CS3 software allows to control 4 groups of engines via relay switching contacts in O/I unit DV2. Each group can contain more single pumps. The station change operating of separeate pumps according to water level and preset parameters.

In a case of failure of a pump, the unit M4016-CS3 inactivates it and sends warning SMS message. Also, the unit can increase the frequency of transferring data into the internet server. So the user can easily browse historical and actual graphs of water-level, times of water-pump running, times of turning on and off, etc.

Free binary and analogue channels in the unit M4016-CS3 can be used for measurement of temperatures, instantaneous flow, etc.