Monitoring of water leak

Monitoring of water leak, water meter, warning

Our system of data colecting from water meters automatically evaluates measured data, failures in water supply network and  forgotten open taps.

All unexpected water leak can be detected by different methods:

  1. Check on limit viloation of instantanenous flow
  2. Calculation of running average
  3. Comparison of night minimal flows

Telemetric stations STELA, M4016-G3 i HYDRO-LOGGER H1 contain program procedures which continuously evaluate the frst two points in the above mentioned list.

Large failures or short-term exceptional offtake detection

Monitoring of water leak, setting of warning SMS

When the Instantaneous flow is above the adjusted limited level, device sends an informative SMS or email.  Warning SMS and emails can be sent to different groups of recepiens (according to gravity of problems).

Medium failures detection

The station calculates moving sum that can alert operator to a newly formed failure. Also, warning SMS and emails are sent if flows are above the adjusted limited stint during the specific time period.

Monitoring of water leak, statistic of night flowsComparing of night minimal flows

The last evaluation methode is done by software. This methode compare night minimal flows and can detect gradually developing failure in water supply network. Software automatically saves a day minimal flow and compare it with a flow of previous day.

Decreasing of losses thanks to pressure regulation in water supply networkPressure regulation according to a day curve

Decreasing of pressure in the water supply network during the night mnimal offtake can help to decrease of losses in the water supply network. Controlling unit M4016-RV  with a regulation valve can regulate presure in the water supply network according to preset daliy curves (more in chapter "Pressure and flow regulation ").