Weather stations, probes and sensors

Poledník Weather station
  • Variable assemblies customizable according to the user requirements
  • Automatic transmission of the measurement data to a server via the GPRS
  • Wide range of professional probes and sensors
  • Special measuring kits for research institutions and universities
SR03 Rain gauge of 500cm2
  • Shuttle rain gauges with a sensitivity of 0.1 and 0.2 mm precipitation / pulse
  • Two basic sizes of rain gauges with collecting areas of 200 cm2 and 500 cm2
  • Heated version rain gauges for a year-round operation
  • Rain gauges accessories (stands, bird barriers, ...)
Temperature probes
  • Temperature measurement of the air, water and soil (1..6 sensors)
  • Very accurate probes with a resolution of 0.01 °C
  • Radiation shields for the air temperature measurement
  • Heat flux probes
SG002 Pyranometer, a global radiation probe
  • Spectral range from 300 to 3000 nm
  • Affordable types (SG002 and CMP3) to a highly accurate CMP11 pyranometer
  • Incident and reflected radiation measurement ranging from the visible to infrared spectrum up to 42,000 nm (NR LITE2 a CNR1)
RVT13/RK Probe
  • Highly accurate and standard meteorological probes
  • Optional radiation shield
  • Direct communication with the M4016, STELA, H1 and H7 station via the RS485 or indirectly via the METEO converter
W2 Anemometer
  • Classical vane anemometers in a simple design with a frequency output or the combination of speed and wind direction
  • Ultrasonic anemometers with no moving parts
  • Low power consumption (no AC power required)
ATM11 - atmospheric pressure probe, barometer

Accurate and stable measurement of the atmospheric pressure and air temperature

  • Optional radiation shield
  • Connectable to the M4016 station and the H1 and STELA Hydro loggers
  • High resolution up to 0.01 bar
  • Possibility of automatic correction to altitude
VIRRIB Soil moisture probe

Affordable probe for a wide use in the measurement of volumetric soil moisture. Applications:

  • Research institutes and universities
  • Flood warning systems and rain gauge stations
  • Sophisticated irrigation systems based on the M4016-RZ3 station